Every day, a number of electronic products are adding to the total count of e-waste. By the term e-waste, we understand electronic products that are not in use anymore or do not function. All our favorite electronic products will lose their utility one day. If you plan to throw them in the bin, you should remember how it is going to be harmful to the environment.

The count of e-waste is growing in large number in present days. E-Waste means all types of electronic products that do not work anymore or of no use anymore. You want it or not, some of your favorite product is going to be into the trash bin every day because they have lost their utility. You don’t have to worry about the future of these devices. Our knowledgeable team of employees will take care of the waste management and recycling so you do not have to worry about your device anymore.

Please use your products wisely to avoid pollution that you might have caused by dumping it. We will also want you to reconsider your decision of throwing any device. Still if you want to get rid of your product as it cannot serve you anymore, you can always have Sunnyvale E-waste as your best option. We will not treat your product as a waste. We will try to make your device get reused or recycled. Thus we will save the landfills getting more polluted.

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Request a pickup

To request a pickup, you can mail us or call us anytime. We will fix the time and place and be there to pick up your product.

Free Pickup


We always want the products to be in use, so we promote remarketing. Before remarketing, we will erase all your old data keeping your security in mind.

Recycling Process


We re-arrange the products for next steps. We will also suggest that you try to reuse your devices before throwing it away.



EPA guidelines will be strictly followed in the process of recycling. We make sure that your products are used to make some new devices.

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