Recycling can be done in various ways but it depends on the condition of the product we are recycling. The variety and condition of a product determine which method to be followed. Every month we get a large number of electronic products as e-waste. Sunnyvale E-waste gets office products like laptops, printers, monitors, photocopiers, hard drives, scanners, etc. We also recycle home products like televisions, mobile phones, air conditioners, radios, refrigerators, ovens etc. You can be tension free about all types of products because we have full knowledge about the latest recycling technology.



We classify the products between hazardous and non-hazardous goods.



The reusable products are remarketed by Sunnyvale E-waste. All these are done after making a plan and we share details of the plan with you. From the profit of the remarketing, you will also get half of the portion.

Data Destruction


We destroy the devices in an eco-friendly manner and also you get a certificate upon completion of the process.

E waste Recycleing Process


We recycle rest of the products by using the most secure and eco-friendly technology. We do not send that product to the landfill so the environment remains free from any more contamination.

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