Recycling Process

Our Process

Sunnyvale E-waste has become popular by providing high-quality service. We do every step of e-waste management very carefully and also use various types of methods. We will make you feel happy about your investment done with us. Our experienced team does the processing with care and attention. For best customer experience feel free to work with our team.

Upon your request, Sunnyvale E-waste will get the product from your specific location.

We will sort out the products in different categories and also give you a report on how things are done.

We estimate the price of the product, and what to do with the product: recycling, remarketing or destruction.

We will process the hazardous devices safely and will not discard them in a landfill.

On our website, we will provide you a report where you can see the details of your device and recycling methods.

E waste Recycle Process

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